1.      Introduction

1.1    These terms and conditions apply to the use of the table booking service on our website; they also apply in relation to table bookings you make at our premises or by telephone.

1.2    By submitting a booking request, you accept these terms and conditions and our website terms and conditions in full; accordingly, if you disagree, you must not use our table booking service.

1.3    You acknowledge that the limitations and exclusions of liability set out in our website terms and conditions apply to the use of our table booking service.

2.      How to book a table

2.1    You can book a table in person at our premises, using our online booking form or by telephone.

2.2    If there are 7 or more persons in your party, you must make your booking by telephone.

2.3    We may accept or reject a booking request in our sole discretion. 

2.4    If we accept your booking request, we will usually send you a booking confirmation by email.

3.      Deposits

3.1    We may ask you to pay a deposit at the time you submit a booking request. For example, you will usually be asked to pay a deposit if:

(a)    there are 7 or more persons in your party; or

(b)    you make a booking on a special holiday, such as at Christmas.

3.2    The amount of your deposit will be deducted from your bill.

3.3    Deposits are non-refundable except as described elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

3.4    In particular, if you pay a deposit and:

(a)    you do not arrive for a booking;

(b)    are more than 30 minutes late for a booking; or

(c)    cancel a booking less than 48 hours before the reserved time,

        then you will lose that deposit.

4.      Responsibilities

4.1    You must ensure that all the information you supply to us through our table booking service, or in relation to our table booking service, is true, accurate, current, complete and non-misleading.

4.2    Please notify us promptly of any changes you require to your booking, including changes in the number of diners.

4.3    If you intend to bring a dog to our premises, please let us know, and we will try to accommodate you. Please also ensure that any dog you bring to our premises is well-behaved and under control at all times.

4.4    Please ensure that you arrive on time for your booking.

4.5    If you are more than 30 minutes late for a booking, we will usually re-allocated your table. You may also lose any deposit you have paid as described above.

4.6    We may accept a request to reserve a particular table or tables for you, but we do not guarantee specific table reservations. For example, we may need to change your table where a large party has necessitated the reorganisation of our table layout, or as a result of other diners staying later than anticipated.

4.7    You acknowledge that, whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with a suitable table at or around the time of your booking, we do not guarantee this. For example, we may be unable to provide you with a suitable table, notwithstanding your booking, as a result of:

(a)    our premises, or a part of our premises, is closed to customers for health and safety reasons;

(b)    problems with our electricity supply, water supply or other services providers; or

(c)    a miscommunication between you and us relating to the booking.

4.8    All bookings are for a 2-hour period unless we agree otherwise, and we may ask you to vacate your table at the end of this period.

5.      Cancellation

5.1    If you wish to cancel a booking, you may do so at least 48 hours before the time of the booking.

5.2    You can cancel a booking by sending us an email or by telephone.

5.3    Equally, we may cancel a booking at any time by sending you an email or by telephone.

5.4    If you cancel a booking in accordance with this Section, or we cancel a booking, we will refund any deposit you have paid to us.

5.5    You acknowledge that you have no right to cancel your booking under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations, as the contract under these terms and conditions relates to the catering or services related to leisure activities and provides for a specific date or period of performance.

6.      Our details

6.1    Our legal name is The Chequers Inn (Gastropub) Ltd.

6.2    We are registered in England and Wales under registration number 10943034, and our registered office is at The Chequers Inn, Banbury Road, Ettington, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, CV37 7SR.

6.3    ‌Our VAT registration number is GB293767549.

6.4    You can contact us:

(a)    by post, using the postal address given above;

(b)    by telephone, on the contact number published on our website from time to time; or

(c)    by email, using the email address published on our website from time to time.